Caffeine, Estrogen and Quanting

It looks like there is some evidence that caffeine lowers estrogen:

Estrogen is an important mood stabilizer. Which means that there could be a connection between drinking coffee and estrogen impacted moods.

However, I recall from my psych courses that estrogen also impacts eating preferences substantially. As I remember, higher estrogen levels in women where one of the reasons that they more rarely eat in a strict daily pattern (i.e. eating eggs for breakfast every day, and ham sandwich for lunch every day for twenty years etc etc) then men. I could be wrong about this, and this is exactly the kind of thing that might have been overturned by better evidence in the ten years that I have been out of school. :huh: But if it is true then it holds an opportunity: Eating patterns are much easier to objectively quant than moods.

It might be possible to see if coffee consumption is impacting women’s preferences to eat the same foods using strict food tracking data from a woman who has been experimenting with drinking and not drinking coffee.

Someone could probably do a data analysis on their own current data and see if this effect holds true. Since the data would not have been gathered for this purpose it would be “blinded”. Does anyone have data like this?

Obviously it would even be more interesting and relevant to see if there was mood + caffeine consumption data they could look at in a similar way. Does anyone have that data?


I find this very interesting, especially given the large number of pms and period products (like Midol, for example) that contain caffeine.

These are designed to be taken during the time of the month where estrogen is at it’s lowest and begining to rise. Why would women want to slow this increase by taking caffeine?