Call for brief testimonies of QS experiences

Call for testimonies as part of a French academic research on the Quantified Self

You are or have been a Self Quantifier ? We are very interested in your testimony!
The Quantified Self and connected objects are experiencing a real explosion in recent years. These devices and practices follow old lines (weighing scale, mechanical pedometer or even watch!) and open new opportunities (rhythm of sleep, geolocation, DNA reading etc.). We would like to know how you use these tools.

So we invite you to tell us freely one or more of your experiences of this kind of tools/applications, no matter if the experience is positive, negative or mitigated. We would like to ask you:

  • to briefly present this tool/this application;
  • how did you start to use the device, how did you find out about it, and if so, when and how did you stop using it;
  • how did you use, under which conditions, what was your experience, your relationship to the object, your difficulties and satisfactions?
  • to what extent tool/application has changed your daily?
  • to specify any other information that you would think useful or necessary to understand your practice;

The anonymity of your testimony is of course guaranteed.
To participate, simply click on the link below and write your testimony
(without minimum or maximum size!):

Thank you for your participation! Feel free to spread this call to your networks!

Garrigues Jérémie, PhD student of sociology at the University Toulouse II/CERTOP.

Contact :

Deposition conditions:

  1. Participants authorize the use of their anonymized testimony for possible publication.
  2. The use of such testimonies can not give rise to payment of copyright or remuneration in any form whatsoever.