Can't log in from a second machine

Created my account here using my latop. When I try to login from my desktop I get invalid password despite my care in re-inputting it. And tried both username and email. Also tried copying the password (using Firefox’s show feature), saving it via a cloud file, which I deleted in a matter of seconds, and pasting into the login screen here.

Hi! Under your preferences you may need to sign out from all devices to trigger some behind-the-scenes function. It worked for me before.

Um, that would be bizarre because all the other Discourse instances I use — including Discourse’s own — did not require a log out on my laptop before I could log into my desktop.

Had to resort to reseting my account’s password on my laptop and then entering the new one on my desktop. Quite why entering the old one (which I showed via Firefox’s Privacy settings) was deemed unaccpetable I have no idea. Not that I will need this password again as I alway have forums not matter the subject open all the time, which probably screws Discours’s statistics but its the way I roll.