Can't sleep when monitored

Hi everybody

I saw in german TV “Elektrischer Reporter” an article about this and tried it.

But, I just can’t fall asleep when I know that I’m monitored.
A small temperature sensor or even a Night-Vision Webcam far away and something like a switch in my head turns and I can’t sleep.
I get tired, terribly tired and… get wide awake… after 4 hours of this loops I stood up, turned everything off and ate something. After that I could sleep.

The only attempt I could sleep was after a hard 14h workday.
(Very interesting measurement results but no possibility of comparison)

A few years ago, my Job was to repair and supervise electronic devices and research installations, and do not fell asleep.:dodgy:
And not to leave the Lab without turning everything off.

Any ideas how to override this “reflex” ?

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Phil, seems like you’ve talked yourself into this. Of course you can sleep when monitored. Everyone can with the right attitude. You need to forget you’re being monitored or not care about it.

Try a good hypnotherapist to get your head sorted. You don’t really need a hypnotherapist as you could do it yourself. That is, if you were half bright and had any sort of self control. But perhaps you’re not and you don’t ? Up to you…

Why not try a less intrusive sensor? Maybe something running on your phone? Most people, myself included, sleep pretty close to their phones which are on continuously through the night.