Capture Online Activities (and More) into Day One Journal Software (Mac/iOS)

Hi everyone. I just discovered these forums and have a twofold interest. 1) I’ll be interacting to learn more about QS and 2) I want to tell you about my QS tool - GiftttDy.

GiftttDy is a script I wrote that runs an Mac computers (sorry, the technology I used only works on Macs). In conjunction with a couple of other tools, it can grab all sorts of online activity and load it into the Mac journaling program Day One. The list of activities my script can capture is quite large and growing. Examples include: Twitter (tweets, mentions, follows), Facebook (posts, pictures, links), YouTube (videos posted, videos liked), Fitbit (Step Goal Achieved, Daily Stats, Sleep Stats), and many, many more. For a complete list of data GiftttDy can capture, please see this link.

My script is free, but it requires other Mac tools: Day One (of course, :wink: ) which is $9.99 and Hazel (a file handling utility) which is $29.99. (That may seem a bit steep, but Hazel is a great utility you can use for many different tasks.) There are several steps to put it together, but it is pretty straightforward. I’m happy to help you if you want to set it up.

Please take a look at my website to learn more. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or suggestions.


  • Leon