Cardiocheck devices for sale on Craigslist

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Whoops, fixed: CardioCheck Plus 2700 Lipid and Glucose Analyzer - electronics - by...

Is it common to see these sorts of devices for sale on Craigslist?

how can it be used?

There’s actually no “c” at the end of CardioChek. Apologies for the OCD.

I bought supplies for use with one of these earlier this year. Here are some notes I made at that time – I hope they help:

You have to be very careful to order supplies for the CardioChek Plus, not the CardioChek without the Plus.

I identified a few vendors. I ended up ordering from Stat Technologies ( as opposed to or
Regardless of the vendor, the prices and availability appeared to be about the same (read “not always available, but similarly priced when they are”). The test strips have a fairly limited recommended shelf life but iirc, self-quantifiers have used “expired” test strips to get results that were nonetheless useful. YMMV.

I asked Stat Technologies about the difference between the glucose test strips and the “eGlu” ones. Their reply:

“The eGlu test is an electrochemical test that was created by PTS Diagnostics to be able to provide a glucose result using the CardioChek Plus analyzer while simultaneously running a lipid test. The glucose test is a lateral flow test that runs on both the CardioChek PA and CardioChek Plus analyzers”

“The eGlu tests do not require capillary tubes. You just lance your finger and touch the drop of blood to the end of the test strip. The standard glucose tests will require collection tubes. Both will require lancets.”

I don’t remember my exact reasoning, but I ended up ordering:µl-bulb-capillary-tubes-glass/

I used the products a couple of times to get a feel for them and to develop some proficiency but I had a specific series of tests in mind, and I haven’t orchestrated all that yet.

I found the following YouTube video useful for seeing how to use the strips:


We used these devices for this project, and did calibration tests; they performed according to specifications. We paid the retail price for them from the manufacturer since we had to be certain they were standard/functioning, they were quite expensive. (Around $400 each if I remember correctly.) They are available on eBay used for a wildly varying range of prices.


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