Central repository for QS data

Has anyone tried creating a central repository that people can “donate” their QS data to so that researchers, data scientists, ML/AI folks, etc. can access it and accelerate their research/learning? I realize something like this is quite ambitious and has many hurdles to overcome, but if it’s not currently being done I’d love to collaborate with some folks and figure out how it could work.


Have a look at DataDonors.

Don’t forget that in order to do anything useful with such data, you need to first understand the data :slight_smile:

Isn’t this the concept of ResearchKit? Which data do you think would be useful to include?

ResearchKit helps you build apps that collect data, but I wouldn’t say it’s a data repository.

I agree ReasearchKit is not a repository in the way that HealthKit is. My understanding is that HealthKit is still that repository and ResearchKit is the framework to allow developers to create apps intended to share your data with researchers.

Tidepool.org is doing this for diabetes data.

Infinome was created with exactly this purpose in mind. We are aggregating genome, fitness, and sleep data to understand gene/environment interactions in health and aging. Ultimately we are a longevity research organization.

Open Humans (where I work) is doing this for medical, genetic, and Quantified Self data. :sparkles:

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