Changes Mood Tracking Journal is now Free

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I’ve had this app out for a year or so, but I think the price tag might have been too much a barrier for people, so I decided to let people to start using the app for free.

I had to swallow some pride to follow through on this move, so if you try it and you like it, please tell me. I’ve worked hard on this and I use it every day.

Let me try listing the strengths of this particular mood tracker:

  • As a journal app it has a clean (non-gendered) design
  • As a mood tracker it is very quick to launch and use (you can even respond via Apple Watch or the reminder notification)
  • The mode of tracking data is deceptively simple in its power. We reduce cognitive overload by making mood ratings a very simple choice (happy, unhappy or neutral), but you can rate individual hashtags giving us more breadth than other apps (you’re not just tagging a single mood rating, you’re creating multiple individual tag ratings). Then we have “mark as high/low point” as a score booster
  • Randomised reminders mean that you gather data from unexpected corners of your experience, building up a more accurate picture of your life than if you had to rely on memory (because our memories of moods can be unreliable)
  • Data export is a first class citizen, and I’ve provided advanced tutorials about interpreting your data
  • We also have week-to-week insights, the concept of “changes” (because your life isn’t just one constant mood! you make changes and you see what works) and visualisations around that, as well as some 3D augmented reality data visualisations.

I want to start working on some more artful AR data visualisations which will be released as “premium updates” in the app. More about premium updates in the original post.