Check out and give feedback on Track and Analyze mobile application

Hi quantified self fans,

I am Valentin from the Track and Analyze ( team and we are excited to announce the latest version of our mobile application just got released.

We will be happy to hear any feedback on the app and suggestions for further improvements.

Happy tracking :slight_smile:


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It looks great, but it’s not available in Huawei App Gallery HUAWEI AppGallery - HUAWEI Chile may be an improvement for them to consider!

Thank you @deoxyt2 for your suggestions, we will look into this issue.

Btw, isn’t Play Store available on HUAWEI devices?

No, since President Trump of the United States blocked some Chinese companies, the latest versions of Huawei do not have Google services, in response Huawei released its own services and its own app store, therefore, if your app makes use of Google services it will not work properly on Huawei either. Huawei’s Petal maps is associated, if I’m not mistaken, with OpenStreetmap and TomTom services. I hope I helped.

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Hi. Downloaded. Looks very usable. Haven’t had time to determine exactly how to measure, in my case, degree of stress reduction and mood elevation provided by cracking the tear barrier and allowing ones self to use a set of simple emotion-activating skills so that one can cry of stress and emotional distress/pain while receiving attention from at least one person. Really would be easy to develop but no recruits yet!! Smile, you’re on a tracking camera!!