Chem+CBC bloodwork tracking

I’m not sure how many people here are tracking chem+CBC bloodwork, but I had the idea of walking people through the meaning of each of the numbers as I experiment with my own levels. So I made a fairly silly video about creatinine to gauge people’s interest, and I’d be curious to hear any feedback.

For a better explanation of the “why’s” of tracking this stuff, I like Mike Lustgarten’s Quantified Self Boston presentation:
He also has a more in-depth presentation.

For those who aren’t using some giant unified tracking system, I find WellnessFX’s bloodwork tracker handy. Their site’s meant to sell you their testing services, but it’s free to use the tracker without buying anything. It has the benefit of giving you a visual sense of your levels and how they sit inside the reference ranges.


Good to know! InsideTracker can be used similarly, but they charge $50/year for that.

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Interesting, InsideTracker looks like it has some nice features. I like the look of the “upload a picture of the labs and have them auto-OCR’d” feature if it actually works: it’s tedious entering values one-by-one into WellnessFX.

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Do either of these sites support upload from a csv or other spreadsheet?

As far as I can find, WellnessFX can’t do any batch importing like that. It sounds like InsideTracker has some human oversight when importing records (see here), so I wonder if you could reformat a spreadsheet in some way they could handle.

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Finally finished 2 followup videos to that original, this time about the eGFR number that’s derived from your creatinine test:

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