ChimpAI: combine and analyze data

I spent the last 2 months making this website + Android app that allows you to integrate all your self-tracking data, view time series, perform correlations, and train an AI to answer Yes/No questions to optimize your life. You can also add your own data series and record them on your phone via the app or an app widget (with just 2 instantaneous presses). I would really appreciate it if you could give it a try if interested! The site is, and the beta testing link to the app is

The product is in beta and only syncs certain data with Fitbit, Strava, and RescueTime. I wanted feedback before adding more features.

I am really passionate about the AI part, but wasn’t sure if people would use it. The idea is you specify what you want to maximize or minimize in your life (e.g. your Fitbit weight) and you ask questions into a Google-like search bar that will give you Yes/No answers to achieve those goals. Anytime a user asks the AI the same question, the AI gets smarter. With enough answers, the AI will also answer differently depending on your recent recorded data (e.g. the answer to ‘Should I go running?’ might vary depending on your sleep quality last night).



Great project! Been thinking about something like this for several months now. Awesome that you are making something like it. I have been using Taplog, Fitbit (first Mybasis), and Rescuetime for years now and am integrating, and analyzing it by hand. Giving very insightful data. Adding AI to it is just great. I am very curious. I have downloaded the app, I will test it.

I use mapmyfitness quite a bit for mtb over strave. for a while, people in my area were cheating on strave. i wonder if they have cracked down on that.

anyhow, cool app, any plans to support mapmyfitness soon?

So you can predict who is more likely to ask what kinds of questions, but how does the system learn whether to answer yes or no?

Just tried asking a few random questions, but don’t get any answers.

Interesting idea. Could you add the ability to import csv files from other apps?

Thanks! I really appreciate it. Feel free to PM me with any feature requests. Currently, the data import only imports up to two months back. But that can be easily changed.

Sure I can integrate mapmyfitness’s API into the site.

Did you set up some data series with your preferences on whether to raise or lower them first? Because that is how the AI learns to answer yes or no. A lot of people on this forum are interested in correlating data series, but I figured people who are interested in this are probably interested in optimizing one of the data series. So I let the user specify what the user wants to optimize, and the AI automatically tries to give you the best answer. For example some people may want to lower their weight: the AI learns whether a yes or no answer to a question related to their lifestyle is more likely to cause a person’s recorded weight data to decline over time. The person does have to let the AI make a life decision for them, and that is the part I am not too sure people will be comfortable doing.

Sure, I would be interested in letting people import CSV data in a common structured format. Not sure if I can write different import scripts for all sorts of app CSV export formats out there though. I sent you a PM asking for more details.

Hi @adamonkey, I am coming late to this thread, but I am really interested to find out whether you are still actively developing your app ? It just seems like a cool idea, but I got a 404 from the chimpai domain. Was there some snag you hit with building the bot?