Choosing the device


I’m new here, and I’m also newbie at QS idea at general, so I have several questions and I hope that I’ll find answers here :slight_smile:

I have lately changed my lifestyle, from the desk-sittin’ one into real active one. However I have realized, that only well measured progress can give valuable data for future planning. Additionally I’m a gadget-maniac, so here’s thing: the device is needed. And here are questions:

  1. Which one is the best choice?
    I know that the question is hard, but small research from my side has been done. I’ve decided that BodyMedia LINK is the best choice, because it is not a fancy pedometer as e.g. jawbone up, but the whole set of sensors and the specification in general seems to give complete data about activity and sleep. But maybe it is worth to wait a few months for the Amiigo…? Or maybe something completely else? What I need is:
    *accurate calories burn (based on hrm and other sensors, not only accelerometer)
    *sleep tracking (I have terrible problems with sleeping…)
    *findings templates and schemes as bodymedia or Basis allows is also an advantage

  2. Bodymedia compatibility
    I’ve been close to buy Bodymedia LINK, but… after the contact with BM team, they told me that this is registered as medical device, and it can work only in countries where is at sale (USA, Canada, New Zeland and soemthing else). Of course the device can work in Europe from the technical point of view, but the online software (which is additionally paid, unfortunate drawback) check my IP adress if I really can use the device. Sure, I can use proxy connection, and IP adress check is no problem, but maybe they are checking it in other ways? Do you know sth about it? I don’t want to buy a device, which is actually not so cheap, and to find out that I can’t use it :frowning:

Counting for your help and looking forward for responses. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I’ve synced my Bodymedia FIT while traveling in Europe, so I don’t think they check IP addresses. But I’d expect them to check the billing address when you sign up for a subscription.

Well, that’s right, I’ve figured it out, that the billing address during the registration/buying subscription matters. It is possible, that they check IP address during this registration/purchasing, but only then. So, using the device is possible in my country, but… I need to find someone, who would help me with the registration/subscription process. And that won’t be easy, because I don’t have any friends in supported countries, that could do for me such favour :frowning: No idea what to do :frowning: