Cognitive and metacognitive reading strategies

Hello everybody. I have a doubt about the corrrespondence among cognitive strategies and reading models . Do you think reasonable to consider that reading models as the top-down or the bottom-up are in fact a set of cognitive strategies? Thanks for you opinion.

Could you explain more about what you mean? Apart from not being sure what a top-down or bottom-up reading strategy is, I’m also not sure what counts as a cognitive strategy–but most importantly, what question are you trying to answer that depends on whether they are or aren’t “cognitive strategies”?

Ok, thanks. Several models of reading have been proposed by researchers. There are two which are the most mentioned, they are the top-down model and the bottom-up model. I´m looking for some information about the cognitive processes involved in each model or if paradoxically a model such those mentioned could be defined indeed as the use of a set of cognitive strategies. Otherwise I look for some opinions about the cognitive strategies involved in second language reading.

Yeah, cognitive strategies are very good in developing mental skills. I am currently doing some research based on it. I will post if anything out of the obvious pops out. Defining some parameters as a set of cognitive strategies is a difficult task as there exists substantial amount of redundancy in it. Though not impossible but hard.