Collaborative simple diet + exercise tracking w/ my patients

Hi I am a primary care physician. I want an app I can use to challenge my patients to eat better and exercise more. I would like something basic that works with many kids of pedometers, and handles basic nutrition tracking like servings of fruit and veggies. Can anyone recommend an app?

MyFitnessPal interfaces with all kinds of devices and has a “Steps” function, but in terms of nudging the user to consume certain foods, I’m not sure it does that. I’ve only used the free version, though.

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Myfitnesspal nudges me every evening to log my food intake, I’m not sure if he does that for every user (because I log my food every day, he reminds me not to forget it).

However, if you want to extract the nutrition facts directly from Myfitnesspal (Like vitamins, fibers etc.) it is not valid (enough). Because users upload their own food into the Myfitnesspal database, they often tend to forget all the nutrition facts and only upload the amount of calories of the product. The advantage of this is that the database is very broad.

Myfitnesspal has a lot of coupling options with pedometers, and a very large food database. So I think this is the best you can get for your patients. Personally, I log my fruit and veggie consumption manually using Taplog, makes it easier to work with.


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My Fitness Pal is the most common food logging program, and it’s free. You can use it on apple or android and on the web from a computer. One of the features is you can be a “friend” to your patients and so see their food logs, without their having to open up to everybody. There is also an activity feed where exercise can be imported from Fitbit or jawbone or misfit or garmin or others, or else can be logged manually. You can comment or cheer their logs.

There are inaccuracies in the huge crowd-sourced database. The first time a food is logged, it’s important to review the entry to make sure it’s accurate. If you are using it on a phone you can scan barcodes to access the food directly-but still the entry has to be reviewed for accuracy. Once you’ve been using it for while, your most common entries pop up first, so you are using stuff you’ve already checked.

I’ve been using MFP for about 4 years now.

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Hello davedonohue,
I would suggest you an app which is easy to use and manages workouts and track the result. You can look at here to know more about the app.