Combining continuous GPS with continuous heart rate monitoring

Hello! This is my first post on the QS forums.

I’d like to combine continuous HR data with continuous GPS data. For the continuous HR data I’d use the Fitbit Charge HR, but I’m not sure what to use for tracking GPS data throughout the day. I’m trying to avoid spending the money on a Fitbit Surge (broke college student).

Does anyone know of any apps that can do this that would use the GPS data from an iPhone?

Eventually, I want to label the parts of my day and create a model that can then label the data for me (tell me when I’m traveling, running, walking, etc.).


If your iPhone is always with you, then you could use an app like, that passively collects your location data. You can then export your data, or use a 3rd party tool such as that will export for you.

From there, you can then import this data into or for analysis and correlations. Good luck!