Common Blood Tests - Sources, Prices, Advice

I’m interested in experimenting with some regular blood work, looking at many of the factors we’ve seen in QS talks. What are the best direct-to-consumer testing services? would have been (is?) perfect. Anybody know what happened to them?

Gary, here in Florida I’ve used Walk-In Labs ( ) for non-insurance covered self-testing.
Order on-line, go to lab get blood drawn, get results by email, sometimes less than 24 hrs. No doctor’s order required.
Their prices are on-line.

That’s just the recommendation I needed. Thank you Jay. (They partner with LabCorp, which is everywhere in the Bay Area, where I live.)

It looks like Theranos could be a game changer, if they are allowed continued expansion. Perfect for those interested in self monitoring.

Kindly consider this: I hope I am still on time in helping you., and

InsideTracker is a full blood analytics service (see my review) and they partner with LabCorp as well.