Comparing 2 Oura Rings for 2 Weeks

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Anywho…I was given an extra Oura ring to wear for two weeks so wanted to see how they differed between hands. Same ring size and model worn on the same index fingers of my right and left hand for 2 weeks.

Findings: sleep stages were all over the place but detecting how long I was in bed sleeping/awake, HR, HRV, temperature deviation, and respiratory rate were less than, on average, ~3% off.

Heres the google sheet with all the data and summarizes.

Let me know what you think!


Nice! Yes, I have also encountered discrepancies in sleep stage detection (deep to light, and light to REM) and think it’s largely due to the accelerometer (movement in one arm vs. the other).

I think the most consistent metrics (HRV, HRV, temperature) are due to relying primarily on the heart rate and body temperature sensors (same on both fingers) whereas sleep stage detection also factors in the accelerometer (movement in one arm vs. the other). That being said, the accelerometer is also used to more accurately identify when you fall asleep/wake up as movement suddenly starts/stops.

Good stuff :+1:

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Makes sense! Thanks Bob!

Also love your Breathing app!

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Excellent work! Confirms my findings between the Oura and the QS Emfit that sleep stage detection is pretty much bunk.

Now let’s go tell that to the Oura fanpeople :slight_smile:


Thanks Dan! Now I just need to control myself and not give too much emphasis on those sleep stages, especially deep sleep.

Dan, can I ask if you are left-handed and tend to sleep on your side?

Hi Dean!
Ask away! I am a righty and usually sleep on my stomach although sometimes rarely ill be on my side (~10%).

Well, there goes my theory!