Comparison of sleep monitoring devices?

Anyone have experience with several of the sleep monitoring devices (Lark, Zeo headband, etc.) that they could offer thoughts on the pros/cons of each?

Just bought a Lark to begin tracking my sleep. I’ve had some significant sleep issues for most of my adult life, and this is my first try at tracking. More than happy to try out several devices.

Also if anyone knows when the Jawbone Up will be re-released, I’d hoped to get one of those as well.

Thanks in advance.

I have experience with the ZEO. I found it uncomfortable to wear and difficult to keep on. I was also unimpressed with cs.


This may not necessarily answer your question (you are asking about comparing devices in terms of usability), but I conducted a self-experiment to compare sleep scores that are produced by Zeo, Bodymedia and Sleep Time app:

What I found is that the summary scores are not comparable and measure different aspects of sleep quality. I suspect that sleep efficiency scores (produced by Sleep Time, Sleep Cycle and Bodymedia, and other devices) could help you to measure how fast you fall asleep and how “uninterrupted” is your sleep. But if you want more detailed insights into your sleeping patterns, like deep and REM sleep, then Zeo has more metrics.