Continuing posts on visualizing my weight workout data

I’ve been posting some more blogs on visualization of my workout data in JMP. I’m interested in whether there are web sites or software products out there doing things like this in cool ways. I see a lot on visualizing cardio data (e.g. running routes on maps) but not so much on the weight training data. I saw some example graphs at (beta site now) that seem similar to some I’ve been doing. It’s really surprising to me how rare it seems to be for people to track multivariate data on weight training workouts.

Here are some recent posts I’ve done. I’ll be at QS15 in San Francisco this June and am doing a talk and Office Hours session so please stop by and see me to talk about these topics!

JMP blog:

My blog:

Very nice! JMP is a powerful tool, but not widely heard of (my impression) n the community.

Thanks, Dan! Yes, JMP is very flexible for creating all kinds of visualizations. It’s used a lot in industry, in manufacturing in particular. Of course I work for JMP but I’ve been a user since grad school. I still only scratch the surface with my JMP knowledge, and we’re still adding quite a few features, so I always have plenty to catch up on! :slight_smile: