Continuous ActivityTracking APP - possible ? hmm

Okay - not strictly an app, more like app + cloud service. But after last years QS event I challenged my team to build a Smartphone Based Activity tracking App - maintaining ACCURACY and MANAGING BATTERY efficiency.

Why a Smartphone based continuous Activity Tracker? FYI - We are early adopters of wearable Sensors but… we got tired of spending big $$$, kept losing our wearable’s or forgetting to charge them - but the real reason is most of the world already carry a sensor laden device for most of the day…its called the smartphone :slight_smile:

Smartphone sports activity tracking apps are great but they require constant start/stop and you need to specifying your sports activity. Surely a ‘SMART’ phone should automatically detect all activities throughout the day …so as you walk the stairs, run to catch the bus, sit in the office…all of these activities can and should be captured !

So we got started and have made some progress but are not done yet :slight_smile: Building machine learning algo’s takes time and testing across Android (s) is a lesson in patience. Anyway we have beta build so if your interested check out Semusi Activ on Google Play. if you are also working on this challenge - would love to connect.