Contribute to workplace tool development

Hi everyone.

I hope I am not out of the line, asking for your thought on what information would make you better, more productive, happier and what would help you increase you wellbeing in your workplace.

We are designing a personal coach/ dashboard for office users. We are currently collecting location and environmental data, but there will be more to come.

Have you ever tried measuring and reflecting on your workplace behavior, habits or workplace environment? What was/would be useful for you to know?

I will be curious to hear your experience and ideas.


I have tried to use quantified self to improve my workplace efficiency …
Here what I tracked:

  • size of my todo list (from the actual length of a list of paper to the number of post-it on my Kanban … including more approximate self-evaluation)
  • number of email in the mailbox
  • number of meetings per week
  • mood

The first three are definitely interesting to track, the third one is tedious if not done automatically.

Best regards,


Hi Yves!

Thanks so much for your input. How did you go around tracking your mood?


Nothing special : 5 or 7 labels (list of keywords).
I am still wondering about the proper number of levels - using your own words is definitely a plus.
(So to answer precisely your question : the mood tracking is done with a mobile app, with explicit entries from the user, using a daily reminder)

As others mentioned, productivity indicators like number of meetings, emails, and tasks is an interesting thing to track.

One thing I personally find interesting and relevant is the number of tasks created and number of tasks completed. Some of us have a tendency to schedule too many tasks that end up getting postponed every day. The data has to be manually gathered and cleaned, so I usually do it in an annual or monthly report.

I’ve never successfully analyzed this, but it would be cool to see patterns and trends between productivity levels and commute times.