Cool article about an ultra QS-er

Hi everyone,

I came across this article and thought some of you might enjoy it:

It’s about Larry Smarr, a physics professor with inflammatory bowel disease. He’s collected a vast amount of data about himself including a 3D reconstruction of his gut, blood metabolite levels, stool samples, and FitBit.

It also raises an interesting point that I’d love to hear more opinions on: are you (as a QS-er) worried about the harms of over testing (because doctors certainly seem to be)?

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Hi Karl,

I missed this post when you made it - it’s a great article. Larry has been to a few QS conferences but the very first talk he gave (at the 2013 conference) still sticks in my mind because he touched on the emotional dimension of his self-tracking:

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Thanks for this, Gary! Nice 23andMe shout out too.