Correlate your Fitbit/Jawbone data with 23andMe

Hi guys,

Im an obesity geneticist, and Im running a project to find the connections between genes and exercise response. My free platform provides tools to correlate Fitbit, Jawbone, and Beddit data (Moves, Withings coming soon). I also provide a very comprehensive health report from 23andMe data that connects you with some of the top goverment gene mutation databases.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

Fitness Tracker correlation tool:

Genomic risk visualizer:


This sounds usefull to check, if your different trackers track the same things at the same time. :wink:
Nice idea.

This is amazingly perfect timing for me! I just used both a Fitbit Charge HR and Jawbone UP3 for 30 days to decide which one I want to keep. The idea was to compare the data but it was too cumbersome so I settled on useful app+device over data accuracy (I went with the Fitbit, as the screen is pretty useful and the app focuses more on data than “intelligent machine generated tips”).

I’ve imported my data and was curious on the correlations. The graphs are a bit tricky to understand so I’ll give it some more time. The site would hang a bit when I connected to devices and the instructions are a bit unclear (apparently I should click the “app icons” to import data, and a little text saying that would help).

Really awesome of you to share this! Looking forward to what it leads to.

Awesome site! Love the layout and data visualisations. Great work