Correlational Analysis on your Health data + Contextual Data

Hey QS!

We’ve been building a Biometric home - think of it like a Wallet for your Health data (sign up here). We just launched into Private Beta and we’re onboarding people every week. One of the features we launched is really cool and I think the folks here would like it.

We call it Lab Mode : Correlational analysis on your Health data

You can start to understand the relationships between your metrics and your tags. Example :

  1. HRV + Total Sleep : Is your HRV higher or lower when you have more sleep?
  2. Stress + HRV : How is your mood affecting your body?
  3. Change in Medication : How are these changes affecting you?

We’ve built an advanced tagging system, where that context is applied to all of your data and it is used when generating your insights. You can also use your tags in Lab Mode. We’re really excited for this launch. It takes the guess work out of the things you usually make assumptions for. Currently, you can connect the following devices to Cambrean :

  • Oura
  • Whoop
  • Eight Sleep
  • Garmin
  • Strava
  • Fitbit
  • Peloton

We’re launching our iOS app very soon, which is when we can start adding the Apple Watch and other integrations. You can watch some demo’s of Cambrean here

Happy to get some QS folks onboarded :slight_smile:

Hey! What’s the privacy policy and terms of use for this product? Health data is very sensitive and this would be good to know before trying it out.

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Hey! Privacy is at the forefront of what we’re building. We believe your data should always be yours, with you in control. We do not share it with anyone. We only store your data while the provider is connected, once disconnected all data is removed from our database.

We’re GDPR compliant & soon to be HIPAA compliant, as we’re implementing Evervault currently, which encrypts all data at a database level - meaning all data would be anonymous in our database & encrypted.

We also allow SSO (password-less login) + oAuth2 with Goggle login.

Hopefully this helps!

Not really, it doesn’t. Where is the actual privacy policy and terms of use? You often find within those that with certain “business interests,” a company can resell and share your data as they see fit.

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Just to reiterate, we do NOT sell or share your data with anyone. I’m happy to share our Privacy Policy + Terms of Use via email


What is HRV?
Will you support other smartwatches coming out on amazon? The ones selling for under $100?

I went ahead and applied for the beta. I’ll read the privacy policy when admited!


Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Those devices are not currently on our roadmap, but I’m happy to take the request & pass it onto the team!


How is your service different from

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Signed up for an invite, excited to try it out!

Can you highlight some features that you believe are unique to Cambrean?

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Great! Keep an eye on your inbox :slight_smile:

  1. Insights : Analyze all of your health data, 24/7 and takes contextual data into account. We’re providing you potential causes / influencing factors, rather than just stating a change
  2. Centralization : Create your own digital health wallet and store all of your data in one place
  3. Advanced Tagging : We use your tags when generating insights. Context is key to a personalized experience
  4. Lab Mode : Correlational analysis of your tags + biometrics

These are just some of the reasons :slight_smile:

Glad to hear! Maybe update your privacy policy to reflect that :stuck_out_tongue:

We disclose your Personal Data to […] Companies that we partner with to offer joint promotional offers or opportunities.

Personally, my main concern is always whether I can have my data deleted. The privacy policy states that residents of the EU may do so – can you clarify that this applies to users outside of the EU, too?


When I try to connect a data source, I am prompted to give a company called “Vital” access to my data – so now I need to study their privacy policy, too :upside_down_face:

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We are currently going through some updates throughout our site & platform. We were updating our Privacy Policy to reflect that. You can read the updated version here

You can always have your data deleted in Cambrean, whether you’re in the EU or elsewhere. That is now reflected in the document above. You can delete your data two ways :

  1. If you disconnect your devices, all your data is removed from our database
  2. If you delete your account, all of your data is removed from our database

If you have any other questions regarding the deletion of your information, you can email us.

Also, I totally agree re: the frustration of reading another co’s docs. It’s one of the reasons that led us to using Vital to help us connect your devices, as their privacy is top tier (data is always anonymous, encrypted and can be deleted at any time).

This is fascinating. How long have you been working on this project?

Vital may be this open source API aggregator of health data:

If it is that indeed they are using, at least it is open source!

What scares me, is really if they (Cambrean) implement end-to-end encryption on user’s data or not. Because server-side encryption means nothing if the project is not open source because they’re the ones who control the encryption keys.

Just because a service runs on 100% open source software doesn’t mean they can’t also sell your data!

Your data isn’t encrypted end-to-end, so you do need to trust both Cambrian and Vital. But if you’re so paranoid that you won’t trust your data to a service you don’t control, you won’t have data with any of the services they integrate with anyway :grinning:

If you’re willing to accept some risk in return for a benefit, this kind of service can be worth considering. Right now there appears to be very little on the “benefit” side at Cambrian, but you might still sign up because you’re curious to see where they go, or hope to shape the direction they take.

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