Correlations with astronomical/astrological events and states?

I’m not much of a self-tracker, but I have been learning more about astronomical/astrological events-- for example, the rising sign changes every 2 hours, moon phases change regularly (obviously), and a week might have several planetary transits from one zodiac position to another.

This leads me to two questions:

  1. Has anyone tried correlating such astro data to their personal data, to see if anything statistically significant comes up?

  2. Is there any good source of astro data, either free or commercial, in a form that’s easily importable and usable with personal data in order to look for such correlations? And if there isn’t, would this be worth something to people?

I ask all of this honestly and in the spirit of open-mindedness and curiosity-- I’m not trolling.



I recently started adding weather data (conditions, barometric pressure, humidity and temperature) to my self-tracking data, but haven’t done any analyses yet. Could add the phase of the moon, since it’s also part of the data I get from Forecast.

Wow, I didn’t know about Forecast-- looks like a great resource. It even includes ozone levels!

For astro data, you could publish it the same way-- an API that you call with your latitude and longitude, and it does the lookup and calculations and returns the planet positions, plus sun, moon, and rising signs.

Martijn Aslander (@resourcerer) suggested at the first QS conference that simple activity data and/or sleep data plotted against moon phases could give evidence for or against popular understanding of “full moon madness.” I liked the idea because it is so simple. We could do it!

btw the phase (i.e. fullness) of the moon is now a variable that you can add (by hand or automatically) on Zenobase, see e.g. this demo.

I just read gwern’s post: “No outcome seems associated with lunar phase.”