Could a digital company help fuel a QS group?

I am in Ohio, and have a personal interest in a local QS group, as well as I think my digital client would help fund hospitality, just because they support people who use digital devices.
Is there any feedback someone can give me on this?


Happy to help out here. We have a great resource detailing how you can start your own QS Meetup group in your community over on the QS Website. That post should give you most, if not all the information you need.

Typically most meetups don’t start with sponsors as they tend to be quite small at the outset. Even some of our largest current meetup groups (Seattle, Portland, New York, etc.) only started with a few people in attendance. Personally I would recommend starting the meetup group and then nurturing it in your community before going down the sponsorship route.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us.