Counting steps was yesterday - fitness trackers just got a lot smarter

After doing roughly the same number of steps a week for the last six months, I was seriously considering putting my activity tracker away, because it had no real use for me anymore. Is there something else – much more relevant for my daily well-being - that could be done with such a device you wear 24/7 ? There must be – twelve months after this thought there is something new coming up.

Fitti Steel

At Fitti we work on bringing new meaning to conventional activity trackers. The first result of this process is Fitti Guard – a wearable companion device that is not only counting steps and burnt calories, but protects you from everyday environmental threats like noise, ultraviolet radiation, polluted air and even Gamma-ray radiation.

Fitti system description

We realized this enhanced functionality by packing ten sensors in a stylish wristband form factor device without compromising on size and battery life.

Since wearing the prototype of Fitti Guard I learned a lot about the value of environmental data in combination with conventional activity tracker information. That headache after my jog was probably not caused by exhaustion, but from the high UV index during my run - so I better wear a cap next time. The reason why I woke up every Tuesday night at half past four was no ghost, but the noise from a lorry delivering food to a nearby hotel and my fatique late in the office is caused of poor indoor air quality……Fitti Guard will remind me in time to open or close the window.

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