Creating Scales for Quantifying Action

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I am interested in the Likert scales (or other question styles) you use to quantify important pieces of information.

I am using Reporter ( to self-report information about my actions/rhythms and want to improve the question quality.

The following variables are represented:
-Fatigue (Physical)

For example, here’s one of my scales:

“How hungry are you?”
1 Extremely Hungry
2 Hungry
3 Lightly Hungry
4 Full (Ideal)
5 Lightly Too Full
6 Too Full
7 Extremely Too Full

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Any thoughts?

Hey Seabass,

Do you still use this technique? Is the 1-7 scale very useful? My intuition tells me that 7 gradients is probably too much. 3 sounds right (Full, satisfied, hungry). What has been your experience?