Cross-cultural conceptions of health sensors and data?

New to the forum, apologies if this question is in the wrong place. I’m interested in learning about cross-cultural uses, differences, and conceptions of wearable health devices and the data they produce. If anyone has any opinions or references, I’d be in your debt. (My background is as a freelance writer, I wrote Crazy Like Us, The globalization of the American psyche.) thank you. Ethan.

2 Likes Could you give an example of what you are looking for?

Thank you for the response. Mostly looking for any experts or people with interesting perspectives on wearable sensors across cultures. Questions might include: How people with different cultural understandings of health might regard data and privacy issues. Would a wearable sensor appeal less in a culture that has a sociocentric understanding of the self vs. one with a egocentric understanding of the self? How would these devices be viewed, used, understood from a non-western medicine perspective? That sort of thing. Thank you again for reaching out. Ethan.