Custom body map file for visualizing weight training data

I thought this was a cool application so I wanted to share. I created a custom map file using body areas in JMP using a jpg pattern online and an addin from the JMP file exchange (custom map creator) and overlaid colors corresponding to my workout data from many of the past Januaries-colored the proportion of the total weight I’d lifted by body part. January is an interesting month because so many people (me included) tend to rededicate themselves to workouts. In any case, not surprisingly, the exercises and the percentage of weight attributable to exercises that work particular body areas changes over time for me, depending on what program and exercises I am currently doing. It’s been a mostly manual process getting this data from my notebooks into JMP. I’d be curious whether anyone is using apps they like to track weight training data. I love having my notebooks but it would certainly be faster to have an app for that! I am having trouble with the file upload. Jpg, png and pdf didn’t work. Any ideas?

Finally posting a picture of a custom muscle map I created in JMP!