Dad just suffered a stroke, how can I monitor his hypertension remotely?

My father lives very far away and just suffered a stroke. I need to find a way where he can wear a watch or some sort of device that monitors his blood pressure and where I can see his progress remotely. He lives by himself and desperately trying to find a solution.


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On sale there are blood pressure monitors connected to a smartphone. I can’t give a link, I came across a few years ago.

If I had to buy a commercial device for a very important use like the one you describe I would probably spend the money on something like this: Smart Blood Pressure Monitors by Withings.

It’s obviously much more expensive than a regular blood pressure cuff. However, I have used various Withings products and currently use their connected scale, and I think they are likely to be reliable and not too painful to set up.

You can connect the cuff to a cheap dedicated phone, if you don’t want to bother your dad with this, and then you can set up the app to share the data with you.

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Try a Withings Blood Pressure Cuff and Heads up Health.

Hi Ryan, good to see you here. If @swimmerguy wanted to track a Withings blood pressure cuff remotely using Heads Up Health, how would he do it?

I’d set up the withings device to work with his @swimmerguy dad’s wifi. Then sign up for a health practitioner account with heads up here: headsuphealth

Then connect withings to the Heads Up account and it will automatically sync the data to the dashboard for him. If he wanted to track his dad’s scale, steps/movement, sleep, and more he can do that as well. The remote patient monitoring dashboard from Heads Up is highly flexible and easy to configure. I attached my dashboard here as an example. BP bottom left hand corner. .

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