Daily Commute - free iPhone app that tracks your commute times

I’m new to the forum so I’ll start with a little background. I’m a physician who got into self-tracking using the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach because I really value sleep and often don’t get enough. I love being able to not only impact my sleep in the short term, but also review the data to look for patterns.
I’m also fairly obsessive about both time management and punctuality. I found myself wanting to easily track my daily work commute time in order to make an accurate prediction of upcoming commute times as it relates to varying weekly traffic patterns. I looked for a suitable app, but there were none. So I talked to a friend who develops apps and Daily Commute was the result. I absolutely love the app and find that it is everything that I was looking for and more. It’s free to download from the app store:
Or visit the website for more info:
I really hope that everyone will give it a try.
Would love feedback!
Many thanks!

You can also follow my results on the Daily Commute Blog :

With the plethora of iPhone apps out there, I find that it makes the most sense for me to have a one-stop shop app instead of one for each little niche. I use a mobile time tracking app for both my business and personal use - which has allowed me to do a thorough evaluation of where I spend my personal time (commuting, exercise, extra curricular activities, etc) and accurately depict my billable hours at work.

iPhone time tracking app with GPS

When it’s available for android?