Daily Gratitude Exercise - New Partners

Hey guys,

I have developed a systematic approach to developing grateful thinking. It is a system that consist of a daily podcast (published on iTunes) and weekly workbook.
It consists of simple daily exercises (questions) with which one focuses on positive things in his life.

For more info check out the website.

The first stage of the project is done. I have put up a website, facebook page, developed a podcast and workbook prototype concept. Now I would like to further enhance it.

  1. For that I need an english native speaker with energy. Someone who would record podcasts with me.

  2. Someone who know how to make an iPhone/iPad application.

  3. Someone interested in grateful thinking in general, to help me with the developmnet of the whole concept of the system.

I believe this project can have a big impact on personal development industry and can also be a decent business if developed right. I have a plan of developing DGE into monthly subscription business where customers would have to pay few buck per month to listen to get podcasts and workbooks. I would be willing to offer you a part of the profit if the project is developed into the final phase.
Interested ones please contact me via email I would like to discuss your participation in the project.

alenfaljic at gmail dot com