Data aggregation


I have multiple datasets, for instance when I go hiking I use a gps-logger and a heart rate/RR-logger, and at other times I have different other datasets.

One thing they have in common is a timestamp.

How do you aggregate all your datasets and visualize them?

Especially I would be interested in having the gps track on a map with all additional data displayed, like heart rate and so on.


There are several apps that can handle tracklogs with heart rate data (usually in TCX format), e.g. Garmin Training Center, TopoFusion and RideViewer.

Not sure if any of these can combine data from several files, or show additional data. What other data sets do you have?

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I do it the hard way, in my statistical programming language. Ultimately, it’s the only general solution - you can’t count on convenient GUIs existing for each combo of datasets you might want. If they have a common key like a timestamp, then it’s usually not too bad combining them. My own data is usually on day granularities, so I can easily call ‘merge()’ in R and get joins of my various data by day.

Hey Daniel - it would be great to learn the specific devices you use to grab this data or data types outputted. There are some apps that offer this capability out-of-the-box depending on what you’re using (i.e ZenoBase).