Data collection and analysis

Is it there any easy way to automatically recognize and visualize interconnections, influences and relations between different data-sets of (even manually) collected data (like appetite, mood, sleep, energy level, diet / food, bowel movements, etc).
For example:
*Influence of mood by particular food
*relations between blood pressure, sleep and energy level

You could have a look at Exist, which tries to surface the most significant correlations in your data, or Kaus, which tries to recognize and visualize the interconnections in your data.

You might find something interesting, but don’t set your expectations too high: The human body (and our environment) is too complex (and the data too incomplete) to be modeled with a few simple relationships. I’ve found it more useful to use specific subsets of my data to investigate suspected correlations.

Thank you Eric. But why didn’t you mention your own Thru your youtube channel I discovered the that can help to collect the data.
But unfortunately I tend to agree with you. All this seems very interesting but not so practical for the real life. It’s demand to much effort. But I’ll give it a try any way.

I was about to–once I had convinced you to adjust your expectations of what you can do with your data :slight_smile:

Define easy, if you fancy learning something new Google “linear modelling using R and ggplot”, there are numerous articles covering the basics eg.
Visual interpretation of interaction terms in linear models with ggplot #rstats