Data merge - search personal data Fitbit and Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

Dear forum members,

i had a request for personal data for both the zeo sleep coach and the fitbit. I want to start a personal project as a data analist in which i want to combine data from these two devices. By combining the data i want to find new interesting links. Therefore i’m searching for personal data measured at the same time which i can use for this project from both devices.

What’s in it for you? I will send you the final analysis of your own data which contains new information about your personal link between the level of movements you make a day and your sleep patterns.

you can mail me by mail [at] roelsteendijk [dot] com

thanks for the help!
Roel (from nijmegen - the netherlands)

Update: I already finished one script in which i can analyse steps data (fitbit) with sleep data (zeo sleep coach). If you are interested in this analysis just send your data and i will send back your personal outcome!