DataKaizen: the self-tracking app

Dear QS people,

We have just launched a new iPhone app called DataKaizen to track biological/lab data. Kaizen means “change for the better” in Japanese, a philosophy that focus upon continuous improvement. We believe that tracking biological data will radically change the future of healthcare and our goal is to provide the best of today technology in the interpretation of biological/lab data.

What is special with DataKaizen is that it does not only allow the user to enter and track personal data, it also gives a feedback to the user in returning personalized data ranges. For example, if the user would like to track hemoglobin and has provided his/her gender and age, the algorithm will automatically compute so-called stratified reference ranges. For example, the algorithm will take into account the fact that males have 16 g/L more hemoglobin than females. Then, if a male aged 40y enters a baseline at 159 g/L, the algorithm computes new limits based on today analytical uncertainty of hemoglobin, biological variations of hemoglobin, etc… DataKaizen will return a range of [137;173] g/L for this subject, a range that differs significantly to population-based reference ranges. For this particular user, a new value of 135 g/L would be consider “normal” using population-based reference ranges, but DataKaizen will tell this user that this value is too low for him (while making 5 times less false alerts at the same time…). For several markers, the app also uses inference techniques to evaluate possible genetic polymorphisms based on entered data (phenotype) to refine the individual limits. In summary, DataKaizen returns personalized limits of the biological/lab data based on the information that the user has provided. Every individual is unique, so are his/her ranges of biological data.

We have already implemented 24 common biomarkers (hemoglobin, heart rate, pressure, glucose, creatinine, cholesterol, BMI…) and we collaborate with a big pharma to increase that number. Even though the same technology is used since 2008 for the biological monitoring of the world top-level athletes, DataKaizen is a new app and as such it is perfectible. Therefore, we are looking for some QS people who would be interested to test our app and gives us a feedback. If you already have some lab data and would be ready to test DataKaizen extensively, please send me an email or PM, I will be pleased to give you a code to download the app for free (for iPhone or iPad only, an Android version will be available soon).

Hope you will enjoy DataKaizen!


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Ssound intersting, waiting on the android or PC version