[DEAD] Voyurl - track your activities online

my name’s adam leibsohn.
i’m the founder of a web app + browser plugin called voyurl.

i wanted to share it with everyone here in the quantifiedself forum because i went ahead and built voyurl with my team to solve a data issue i was having: i wanted to have more visibility over the data i created everyday online… and eventually have more ownership of it.

so, i gathered a team and we built voyurl.

similar to how fitbit, mint.com, & nike+ help you quantify you lives & get recommendations, voyurl’s browser plugin + web app help you quantify your online browsing habits & find new content you’ll like.

voyurl uses implicit data–your browsing behavior–to power everything. with it, we help you find ways to optimize your time online: using facebook too much? we’ll tell you. at the same time, we use insights from your browsing behavior to feed you new content about the stuff you love.

we cooked up a special invite link to our private beta for everyone here. just go to www.voyurl.com/quantifiedself to sign up and start getting more insight into the way you use the web.

thanks so much!

Voyurl has closed doors and there have been no updates since January 2012.