Dealing with people privacy

Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the right place for this post, but I couldn’t find a better section :slight_smile:

I’m currently running a beta test for my app for couples, and whilst people are keen on trying and helping with the beta test, I feel that they have some issues or are reluctant sharing the personal details (email addresses, facebook ID).

Have you encountered similar issues since we are all about getting and measuring people data?

How have you dealt with that?

Thanks for your advice!


One thing I do on to mitigate this is to let users test the service without requiring an email address (or other personal information), and when they do sign up, I don’t ask for more information than necessary.

Having a clear privacy policy and business model should help build trust, too, but for most people social validation (this is a popular service, my friends use it) might be more important.

Thanks Ejain.

I didnt know zenobase, I’ll have a look now. Agree with you that it would be better to start testing without accounts creation, unfortunately with Dish Out we need to connect 2 people together as this is a couple application. So no other choice than getting their details to connect them in our back-end…