Descrete Location Tracking Tool


I am new here. I am wondering if there is a gps application for iphone that allows me to define a few locations (e.g., home, work) and automatically logs at what time I get there / leave.


Hi Enrico,

Try Moves out - It tracks more than just Home and Work but you can define those and it will automatically detect them. I’ve been using it for about 6 months and love it. It also does steps, calories, running and biking.


Ciao Enrico,
I made two apps with similar features some time ago, this was before moves came out and killed my market :slight_smile:
One measures only time at work:
The other one work/home/out:

You just need to input those locations, then it will use GSM and WiFi (no GPS), to detect when you are within approx 800 meters from such locations. They also allow you to export the data.


I’ve used Chronos (iOS app) for a few months, and like it overall–it uses your phone’s GPS ability to track where you go, where you’ve been, times, etc. Then you can categorize locations (“home”, “work”, “social”, etc) and see the stats of where you’ve gone. The more info you feed it, the smarter it gets too.

Only two downsides:
a) it can be a battery hog, although I know they’re working on this
b) I work from home–so since home + work are the same location for me, it can’t differentiate the two. That’s not a fault of the app though.

Have a look on this new app: Retrotrack(

Hi !

You should checkout Owntracks (ios & android mobile app) which can record your location in the background and automatically send location records to your backend.

For backend and location records mapping I’ve built a simple and responsive mapping webapp, available here :

Let me know if you try it out ! Thanx for your feedback !