Device abandonment rates

Hi Everyone
I am working on a project looking at wearable device abandonment rates and the reasons why. The only data I have seen is the often cited work of endeavor partners which says 1 in 10 people in the us over the age of 18 own a fitness device and of those over 50% will abandon them after 6 months. Is there any other data out there which supports this and or explains why? Thank you!


Good question! Do people abandon devices because there is a new one with more features, or because their use of the device has been so successful that the device is no longer needed, or because they realize that they are still fat after 6 months?

I suspect more of the latter, but haven’t seen any reliable numbers, either. My guess is that the numbers are in line with (or better than) other products and services in this space, including gym memberships, diet programs and self-help books.