Devices to improve posture

Hey guys

I was wondering if anyone knows of any bio feedback type devices that are available that help to improve posture.

I know there it a recent qs video out there on a device but its currently not for sale.

I found a device called Iposture but they don’t ship to australia and there us not much online about this product since 2008. Does anyone know of any other devices?

LumoBack and Zephyr BioHarness

another simple posture monitoring device is TrueSense kit (using the activity/posture viewer)
wearing on forehead can track head posture, wearing on sternum or back spine can track trunk posture.
if you review the accelerometer detailed data (for head forward/backward tilt), you can also see if your walking gait has put unnecessay strain on your neck. for example, wearing hard heels, would cause sharp spikes (neck strain) upon hitting the ground with each step; while wearing shoes with good cushion, or walking with toes down first, cab eliminate such impact spikes.

I’ve been testing the LumoBack for about a week. So far I’ve found the experience to be quite pleasing. I was a bit worried at the onset about the device being uncomfortable, but have been pleasantly surprised that it almost fades into the background and I forget that it’s there. That is, until it buzzes to let me know I’m slouching or hunched over.

The associated app and data is provides is pretty great too. I’m waiting for data export option so I can fuss around with making my own charts and graphs, but overall I’m excited for what this device can do.

Funny thing, even when I’m not wearing it I find myself thinking about my posture more.

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One key issue faced by many walker, jogger, runner: is my gait correct, smooth, or actually hurtful? Do I have the right cushioning for the ground impact with my unique gait and foot angle and position? The resulting impact-force can be drastically different, which naturally propagates along spine to “shake” the neck and head, causing unnecessary strain and possible injury if not corrected. The Raw accelerometer data do contain such useful information, we just need to demand and have access to such data.
see the comparison charts posted on this topic at

I’ve been looking at posture tracking (and feedback) devices beyond Lumo Back. What have people tried since 2012?

Here are the most popular ones I’ve found:

Lumo Lift

The successor to Lumo back.

Claims: “You slouch, it vibrates!”. Designed to be worn around your lapel.

4/5 stars out of 2,200+ Amazon reviews. The only device recommended by Posture Sorted.


Disc-shaped sensor designed to track both posture and diaphragmatic breathing (plus steps taken). You wear it on your waist/belt and it trains breathing via an app.

Not yet released - see Indiegogo project. It’s been in crowdfunding stage since Jan 2015, with a failed Kickstarter attempt after a launch planned for January 2015.

Prana is the first wearable which tracks both breathing and posture for many healthy benefits for body and mind. It helps us breathe and sit in a healthier way to profoundly reduce the daily stress we carry around.

That particular phrasing (“many healthy benefits for body and mind”) sounds a little too spiritual to me.

Upright pose

4-inch long device designed to be attached to your lower spine

3.5/5 rating out of 77 Amazon reviews

There’s a typo smack on the home page, “UPRIGHT TRAINS YOU BY GENTLY VIBRATES”.

Zephyr Bioharness 3

Designed To Make Montioring Wireless

Seems designed for professional applications (military, first responders) and mentions “Posture indication” among its features list.


Neck posture monitoring. Alerts you of “textneck” via vibrations.


Smart cushion. Not exactly a wearable, but more discreet at the office.


One of the first posture monitoring devices, released in 2008. The technology has progressed significantly since then, and iPosture can’t stand up to Lumo Lift or Upright.

Custom-built devices


Haven’t tested the device, but I believe the Zephyr Bioharness “posture indication” is nothing more than “upright or lying down”.