Did COVID-19 wreck my gut microbiome?

I did a gut microbiome analysis in February. Interestingly, it was 10 days after receiving a positive on the COVID-19 test.

I had previously done the same gut microbiome test in 2018, so I used it as a comparison.

My overall gut score fell to 22/100 from 68/100. All the levels of good bacteria(Lactobacilli, Bifidobacterium, and faecalibacterium) fell.

I had to make a concrete game plan to improve my gut microbiome.

This is deep dive into the importance of gut health, gut microbiome testing, and my plan to find a healthy balance in my gut microbiome.

Link here: https://ilmostromberg.com/gut-guide-review/

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Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.
The gut microbiome changes significantly day-to-day, and sampling differences can affect the results enough that meaningful insights are almost impossible from a single gut microbiome test.

That said, you might be able to tease out a few interesting takeaways. I couldn’t find in your post an overall phlyum-level summary (what % is Firmicutes/Bacteroides/etc), but that’s the first place I would look. If that is significantly out-of-whack, or if another phylum is very dominant (e.g. one of the the proteobacteria) then I would take that as a clue that something is odd.

How severe was your COVID infection? I assume you weren’t hospitalized, so perhaps this is not relevant but I would look for evidence of Enterococcus faecalis? This seems to be a predictor of COVID severity.

Your action plan seems sensible to me. I would suggest that you also consider a water-only fast for 2-3 days. If your gut is accustomed to a lifetime of regular meals, a short fast can give some of your underrepresented microbes some time to come to the surface and improve your overall composition.

Hi, Have you considered the 30 Different Plant Foods per Week challenge? They say it is sufficient to support a diverse microbiome.
Good Luck