Diet plan?

I am not following any diet regime whatsoever, and thats what leads me to asking this. What are some foods to create a good health diet- improve muscle growth and lower excess fat?

Welcome Garrett! I recommend a diet akin to the Mediterranean Diet. Copious health research supports this diet as being one of the healthiest. Whole foods, nuts, olive oil, greens, veggies, fruit, fish. To burn fat you need to keep your insulin down, which is best done by avoiding sweets and starches. And try to have extended periods without eating. Such low processed/high fiber diets have been found to help prevent diabetes. As proteins and fats go, plant-based seems to be safer and healthier then animal-based. Don’t forget to exercise also, as much as you can safely do!

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Thanks davedonohue :slight_smile:

If the Mediterranean Diet is healthy a paleo type diet should be even more healthier. At least when it comes to blood sugar:

Lindeberg, S., Jönsson, T., Granfeldt, Y., Borgstrand, E., Soffman, J., Sjöström, K., & Ahren, B. (2007). A Palaeolithic diet improves glucose tolerance more than a Mediterranean-like diet in individuals with ischaemic heart disease. Diabetologia, 50(9), 1795-1807.

But I basically agrees totally with davedonohue besides the grains.

what is crash diet ? is it harmful for health for longtime? please help.

If you do regular exercise you should go for heavy diet
like full of protein, fats and carbs

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I have been trying to gain weight from quiet a long time. Can someone suggest some good way that can help me in improving my weight? I have tried different diet plans, proteins, exercise and much more but nothing helped me. I am looking forward to grow my weight with all that eatables that are mostly available at home.

The Bulletproof Diet is a phenomenal diet plan to follow. I don’t consider it so much a diet, rather a lifestyle. The foods on the plan nourish your mind/body (on a macro and micro level) and it eliminates food cravings. It has definitely increased my productivity, energy levels, and sense of well being.

Hello! I am doing the keto diet for a while now and it works for me quite well :slight_smile: At first, I was really craving my carbs but give it time and you get used to it. Also I learned about great new recipes and new food. :thumbsup:

track your diet with MFP and have it give you suggestions. Or bitenap->zenobase.