Differences ZEO Mobile

Hey Guys and Gals,

I would like to get a ZEO Mobile despite they got out of business.

What are the differences between

-ZEO Mobile
-ZEO Mobile Pro
-ZEO Mobile Pro Plus

Are these all mobileZEOs?

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Be cautious. I would be delighted to be wrong about this, especially since I own a Zeo Mobile (not sure which version). I don’t currently have any way to use my Zeo Mobile because there isn’t an app I can use to get the data off. Again, delighted if anyone can point me to a solution I can use, iOS, Android or even Mac.

Fortunately, I do also have a Zeo Bedside. It doesn’t travel very well though.

Thanks I own a Zeo Bedside too.

Any other user does know what the differences between the mobile versions are?

Yes, the way that data is stored is entirely different and AFAIK can not currently be read by anything, so there is currently no way of viewing that data.

Hopefully at some point I will get some data from the mobile version and maybe it is readable. If I do and if it is, I will put it into my zeo viewer.

Having now got some data in the form of the exported SQL files, I believe it is possible to add an import so that I can add Zeo Mobile data to the ZeoReader at http://www.alienrat.net/software/zeomonitor.html if that would be interest to anyone.

If it is, can someone who has some sqlite data spare a bit more, especially records they have that they know the time and date that some of the records b

OK, so I just saw this after I left a response to your viewer post: are you still looking for that sql data? If so, how can I help? I don’t have a lot of programming knowledge (I’m more comfortable with the physiological data), but if it’s as simple as retrieving a file from somewhere, that doesn’t sound difficult…

Well, always happy to get more data, although what is there currently works, or noone has complained it doesn’t. Not that anyone has said it does either!

Haha, OK, I’ll try your viewer out over the holidays and get back to you…
I think you mentioned it in this thread, but I wanted to make sure: there’s no way (currently published somewhere, i mean) to get the actual raw electrophys data from the mobile headband, right?

There are several blobs of data produced by the mobile that I don’t know what they are doing. They are big enough to give a 5 minute output, but not real time output like the desktop if that is what you wanted.

Hmmm… Can I find/explore the blobs with the viewer? or are they ignored?
I’m not looking for real time data necessarily, just something I can analyze with my own eeg algorithms if I wanted to (i.e. could be on or offline eeg data… probably not 1s and 0s unless their translation was straightforward).

The viewer doesn’t use them, I don’t know what they are. You can explore them by just looking at the data though. However, I doubt there is enough info there for EEG. For real time data access you will need to get a desktop version

I’m sorry, I posted a response where I thought was here, but is actually over at … Somewhere I can’t find now… !
Basically I couldn’t open the viewer in 10.6.8 there’s a bash script output and problem report I could paste here if need be.

Ah; here it was/is (#60 or 61)