Discover the fortune that lies hidden in your data


My name is Sachin and I am the founder of

The subject line is the promise of my startup.

We want to make you understand the meaning behind all the data we collect. Infact we want to take QS accessible to people outside of enthusiasts and I personally believe that will happen when people will get insights on their data.

Insights they can use to get better in life.

I would love to hear your opinion on the webpage and the promise as stated there. Still developing the core message to take to people so need some assistance there.

It would be great if you use any of the connected services listed on and you would live to try the service then you could sign up to be on the queue

Sachin Kundu

Helping people get insight from their data is an interesting and very relevant problem…

Can you explain a bit more what’s unique about

You list the Misfit Shine and MyFitnessPal; how did you manage to get access to their APIs?

What’s unique - While there are many data aggregation services and some visualization, one has to go beyond correlation between different data sets to level up. Correlation is great but it is after the event. I think what we need to do is learn from users data and combine knowledge of others and the world around us to suggest somethings which a person might not even have considered. It’s like Netflix movie recommendation. Depending on what you like and what others like you might like there are recommendations. Ofcourse I am overly simplifying but that’s the basic concept.

Ah misfit yes, the only reason it ends up there is because the market share is mostly divided in the 3 trackers. Jawbone, FitBit and Misfit and even thought they don’t have an API I am certain it will be there soon(sooner than I can release I hope :slight_smile: ). Else they have no chance of being relevant in the market going forward.

MyFitnessPal has been some page scraping initially using mechanize, but they announced an API

Even fitocracy does not have an API.

Btw I love ZenoBase, but with all due respect I think it is a little difficult to get started with. Have you tried addapp which just released?