Discovering Site

Greetings everyone,

I discovered by chance the site while reading Fitness for Geeks and it made my week. I am rather overwelmed by all the information out there about QS but I am delighted. I have been tracking various bits and pieces for awhile. Food, exercise, books, blood pressure and even outdoor tempertures of wherever I happened to be but I wanted to use it somehow in my life. Now I think I will find the way to do so and expand even further.

I just wanted to say hello and iI’m looking forward to learning more.

Didn’t know O’Reilly had published a Fitness for Geeks book!

How have you been recording and storing all that data so far? Excel?

yes but I really want to utilize my galaxy 10.1 for fit band but cant seem to get one that works with it. tried Fit and Jawbone but I may have to try the new one coming out from Samsung. How are you recording your data?

I’m using a bunch of different devices and apps (Fitbit, BodyMedia, Withings, Moves, Netatmo…); the data all ends up on