Discussion of all options to study your 23andMe raw SNP data

Those of us who are curious about the hidden secrets encoded in our genes are excited about the new biomedical technologies that give us access to this genetic information. Our genes can tell a story about who we are. Only a “partial” story because we know that our environment and life style will add to the story. And so, we want to know. At $199, or somewhat less with a discount coupon, the price tag for 23andMe genetic testing is only accessible to few. But if you can afford it, there are many ways to analyze your SNP data. It is fun to be your own scientist as long as you understand that the science is not cut in stone yet. It is fun to be our own scientist as long as we understand that the science is not cut in stone yet. But our genes, with the exception of cancer, do not change, and we will be able to study our data for a lifetime and learn more as science advances. Here are some options on how to study the data, perhaps you know of other ways to study it: http://omicshelpdesk.com/from-genotype-to-phenotype-things-you-can-do-with-your-23andme-raw-snp-data/


Wow- that is a detailed and helpful analysis. Thanks so much. I must admit after getting the 23andme report I got lazy. Maybe it is time to dig a little deeper.

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Hi all,

There are also ways to get even more out of the data you have already collected.
For instance by uploading raw data from 23andMe to other services.
Some of them are for free so I think it is worth checking them out.

I work for a company called AthGene and they just released their integration with the open API of 23andMe, which lets you discover some more genetic traits within your DNA.
From what I have seen it has the most comprehensive amount of insights mostly in the fitness and lifestyle area (more than 30 new insights).

The good thing is that you can decide yourself what you want to know and what not. If you are interested in knowing how susceptible you are to certain types of injuries or how your muscle is built or just want to know more about your body in general I think it is a neat tool.

Check it out it is for FREE

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Hi Phillip,
Thanks for your post. I will test out http://www.athgene.com/23andme/ but because I do it in a rigorous manner (as I do everything), I need to find time for it.
I looked at your web site and I am curious now. Did you go to Singularity University?