Divergence Neuro for neurofeedback/brainwaves?

I just had a consultation session with Nathan Brown - TrueBearing | LinkedIn . He doesn’t know Andrew Hill/Peak Brain Institute yet.

They do it remotely. They do a montage on Fp and Cz and Occpital area (to measure amygdala)

They also have an assessment ahead of time. The upfront costs are lower than many other NF devices so long as you rent it (and they expect the NF to last like 3 months, assuming you do the NF for several weeks)

He said he can target central coherence later, but the first is getting a particular site to respond with particular brainwaves (or ratios thereof)

The goal of NF is to reach more meditative like states and to reduce mind wandering/suppress DMN.

They have webinars here: NeuroVerge Webinar Series - Part 10 - Divergence Neuro

Idk how it compares with peak brain, which gives more detailed analytics (but for which conformance is low, and is very pricey). Most NF practitioners (esp those who do LENS) seem to not know what they’re doing. I’m still early in exploring this, but it seems somewhat more knowledgeable than previous NF…

There is another neurofeedback researcher I met in Geneva - https://www.tomasros.com/ - and he has a grad student who does the DSP to help with ADHD. I did one session of the NF, and they are way more research-paper/evidence based than most NF practitioners - but their rollout will still take many many years. Tomos Ros told me about https://www.linkedin.com/in/heather-hargraves-m-a-c-psych-a6554327/?originalSubdomain=ca, who I only NOW just realized is involved with Divergence, and I have mutual connections with some in Divergence. It might be more worth trying than the tohers.

WAY CHEAPER than QEEG elsewhere (fewer montages than Loretza, but)…