Do you use any of these tools?

Hey all,

I’m conducting research with UCL about the experience of using self-tracking tools, as opposed to looking at usability and such. We’re really hoping to look at the sense-making and motivation side of self-tracking, so you might learn something about yourself in the study as well :eyes:

It’s just a 45 minute interview where I will be super curious about your habits, thoughts, and opinions whether it’s good or bad!

If you’d be interested, there’s some more info here and how you can reach out! Sway

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usability is not part of experience?? what do you mean by experience?

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Hey @benjaminsearle I’m Ram the creator of t12n and (naturally) a self tracker myself. I’d be happy to participate. Also, if relevant- you’re welcome to check this blog post about my own experience with self tracking.

Hi @ram! Having read your blog post - would love to have you participate - the sway link has an email you can reach me at, or if you can share your own then I’d gladly share more info!:slight_smile: